3D Paper Pie Slice Gift Boxes 🍂 Thanksgiving Crafts

Hi everyone! I’ve got a fun papercraft tutorial for you this week, these pie themed gift boxes! We’re making a pumpkin pie box, a “traditional” pie box, and a lattice pie box!

These would be fun gifts for your Thanksgiving dinner guests, or for just about any occasion during Christmas and the holiday season. They are easy and quick to make (the lattice one is a bit more tricky) and great for filling with candy, treats, or other small gifts.

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  • Card stock – you’ll want paper that has some weight to it for this.
  • Score tool (or an old pen that doesn’t write)
  • Ruler
  • Glue (I like using hot glue for this, but use whatever you prefer!)
  • Scissors

Here are the patterns:

By using these patterns, you agree to the terms outlined here

You’ll need the main pie box pattern for all of the pie styles, in addition to the decoration pattern for whichever pie you want to make.

Pie box pattern

Pumpkin pie decorations

Traditional pie decorations

Lattice pie decorations

Have a cutting machine?

The SVG file for this project is available for purchase – please click the folder.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any questions!

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2 thoughts on “3D Paper Pie Slice Gift Boxes 🍂 Thanksgiving Crafts

  1. Thank you for sharing this easy pattern! I used it to look like cake slices for a project. Nine slices arranged in a ring made a full cake, based on my printed and cut out pattern. Each slice is 3 ” across at the wide point of the triangle, 4 1/2 ” long on each side and 2 ” high, in case that helps other readers.

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