DIY Ombre Dye Shirt With 2 Colors! (Paintbrush Method)

Hi everyone! In this video tutorial, I’m back with another fabric dyeing project, and its perfect for summer! A few years back I made my How to Ombré Dye a Shirt (Single Color) tutorial. Because its been one of my most popular tutorials on my channel (and I absolutely love anything ombre) I decided to make another ombre dye video, but this time we’re using a different technique and TWO colors!

Rather than dip dyeing the shirt, we’ll be using a paintbrush to create the ombre effect. I think this method is a bit easier and quicker than my dip dye one (although both methods have their pros and cons). This tutorial is specifically for creating an effect where two colors blend into each other. This paintbrush method also results in lighter, much more subtle/pastel colors.

Click here or click the image below to watch the video:


You’ll want to choose two colors that are fairly close together on the color wheel – if they are opposite colors (such as red and green, or orange and blue, or yellow and purple) they will likely create a brown, muddy color where they blend together. I’m using aqua blue and tulip pink – this combination will create purple in the middle.

This is a project you’ll want to do outside, which is why it’s so great for Summer!


  • 2 colors of fabric dye, I’m using this aqua one and this pink one
  • Clothes or items that have a significant percentage of cotton – 100% is best, but lower amounts should still work. If you use synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, the dye won’t take well at all. My shirt is from Kohl’s – it is called the crochet pocket shirt.
  • 2 containers, one to hold each color of dye. I also highly recommend having a container of water on hand. Make sure these won’t be used for food after doing this.
  • Paintbrush – a 3″ one designed for painting walls works well. I got mine from Dollar Tree.
  • Paper towels
  • Something like a cheap, plastic tablecloth to cover and protect your workspace
  • Plastic spoon or other to stir the dye with

Let me know if you have questions 🙂

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