Haunted House Halloween Snow Globe

In this week’s video tutorial, we’re creating this Halloween style snow globe with a paper haunted house in it!

Click the image below to watch the video tutorial:


Time needed: ~45 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Click here to view & print the patterns:

Halloween Snow Globe Patterns


  • Wide mouth Mason Jar – Quart Size (It must be this size or larger, so the house will fit)
  • Card stock or construction paper in your colors of choice (I used patterned purple, black, white, orange & green)
  • Spanish moss (I used a special Halloween kind that was dyed black)
  • A small paper cup or other object to raise the house up in the jar
  • Hot glue
  • Fishing line or other thin thread
  • Scissors
  • A score tool of some kind (I use this one – an old pen that doesn’t work works well, also)
  • Pencil
  • X-acto Knife
  • An LED tea light

Have a cutting machine? SVG file to create this project is now available for purchase here

Happy Halloween!

Let me know of you have questions 🙂

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