DIY Light-up American Flag

This video tutorial shows how to create a lighted american flag using christmas lights!

I used incandescent lights, or mini lights, for this project. Here are the links to the ones I used, if you’re interested:

Blue Lights

Red Lights

White Lights


Difficulty: Intermediate

Time needed: >1 hour


  • light sets (above)
  • plastic board (such as an old campaign sign)
  • screwdriver or something else to make holes in the board
  • electrical tape


If you have leftover lights, just tape them or tie them to the back of the board.

**Disclaimer: Due to the nature of this project, I would recommend only placing this decoration outdoors. Don’t leave it unattended (when it’s plugged in) for long periods of time – always keep an eye on it, and unplug it if no one will be home. If you can, use led lights, as they get less hot. **


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