3D Paper Trophy Treat Holder for Father’s Day!

Hi everyone! In my latest tutorial, we're kicking off the Father's Day crafts with this 3D paper trophy!

Although this trophy is made of paper, it's pretty sturdy and just the right size to hold small gifts or candy, or would even work as a gift on its own. I designed this trophy with Father's Day in mind, but it would of course work for other occasions, or even as a party favor.

Click the image below to watch the video tutorial:


This isn't the quickest project, but the most time consuming part of this is just cutting out all the pieces. The bottom part of the trophy will require some small folds and careful glueing, but it's definitely do-able.

I had lots of fun designing this trophy, and I just love how it turned out.


  • Card stock or other heavy paper – this is a project that won’t work too well with thin, regular paper, especially if you will be putting candy or a gift inside – it won’t be strong enough. Gold colored card stock works best! You’ll need two colors of paper.
  • Scoring tool – you’ll need some sort of tool to score the fold lines. I use a Cricut scoring stylus, but an old pen that doesn’t write will work also.
  • Hot glue – you can try other adhesives if you don’t have hot glue, but I always find that it works best because it sets so fast and strong, which is necessary for this project.
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler – to assist with scoring lines.

To create this trophy, you can either use the free PDF patterns below (for cutting by hand) or purchase the SVG file below for use on a cutting machine.

    To receive the free download, please fill out the form below. Submit the form and after a minute or two a download link will appear along with a success message below this form.

    During this process, the form will go blank and it may appear that nothing is happening. Please keep waiting for a bit, as the link should appear. If you're having trouble, please re-try and give it a bit more time - sometimes there is a delay. If you are still unsuccessful, please email me at essyjaedesigns@essyjae.com

    As always, this site has a no spam policy and your information will only be used for download records. You are not subscribing to anything by filling out this form. Thank you!

    Have a cutting machine?

    The SVG file for this project is available for purchase – please click the folder.

    If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

    1246170cookie-check3D Paper Trophy Treat Holder for Father’s Day!

    Made this project and want to share? Feel free to attach a photo in the comments below!

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    i cant seem to get the link for the cut out.



    Vidhan Agarwal

    What is the size of the paper


    How can I get the link to download the file? Thank you.

    Natalia rosa

    Hola no deja descargar con ese enlace pero esta hermoso!

    Marta Lopes

    Good night, how do I get the molds?


    i can’t buy this stuff


    Thank you so much


    I have filed in the form, but I’m not getting the download for the trophey.