DIY World’s Best Dad Holographic T-Shirt

This week we’re creating this “World’s Best Dad” holographic shirt for Father’s Day!

Here are the .PNG files for cutting machines. You’ll just need to download them and open them up in your machine’s software.

Here are the patterns to use if you’re going to do the hand cut/freezer paper method:


Hand cut – world’s best dad

hand cut – world’s best grandpa


This post originally appeared on my old blog, pugdemonium.

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“Sweet Land of Liberty” America Shirt Tutorial

The 4th of July is almost here! Here is a diy patriotic shirt that would be perfect for the occasion. This design was created by hand in Adobe Illustrator.


If you don’t have a cutting machine such as a Cricut or Silhouette, you can still make this! Towards the end of the video I go over a method for hand cutting this design using an Xacto knife. I’m sure a google search would also turn up other resources out there about this subject.


Here for the .PNG files:

Here is the file for hand cutting: Sweet Land Hand cut File


Difficulty: Easy



I will post the .SVG file here for purchase as soon as it is posted. You definitely don’t need to buy it – but sometimes it is nice to have other files types and they are a bit more work to make.


Thanks for reading!

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Simple Paper Gingerbread House Tutorial


New video! Shows how to create a gingerbread house out of paper!

Real gingerbread houses can be a bit messy and hard to make. Paper greatly simplifies the process – and if safely stored, you can use the house year after year!


After the video was uploaded, I realized the clip showing how to put the house together accidentally got deleted. To put together the house, fold back all the tabs, put glue on them, and glue the pieces together. If you have any questions, please comment below 🙂


Difficulty: Intermediate

Click here to view & print the patterns:

Gingerbread House Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

On pattern 2, don’t cut out the whole window, leave some space around those inner lines 🙂


Have a cutting machine? There is an SVG file of a house now available for purchase here! It isn’t the same style of house shown in this tutorial, but it will still work for this project.


This post originally appeared on my old blog, Pugdemonium.


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Pop-Up Butterfly Card


This week’s project is this pop-up butterfly card you can make for your mom or grandma for Mother’s Day!

Using the patterns, you’ll need to cut:

  • 2 wings
  • 5 flowers
  • 5 stars
  • 1 tag
  • 1 oval
  • 6 circles – just ignore that smaller circle, and the use the bigger one for all of them.


Difficulty: Intermediate

Click here to view & print the patterns:

Butterfly Pop-up Patterns


I found that hot glue worked best for glueing the wings, body, and antennas of the butterfly. For everything else, I used white glue. All paper used in this video is from JoAnn craft store.


This post originally appeared on my old blog, Pugdemonium.


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Paper Heart Gift Box Tutorial

New tutorial! This week we’re creating these heart shaped gift boxes out of paper! These are perfect to fill with candy or other small gifts. Great for Valentine’s day, anniversaries or birthdays!



Click here to view & print the patterns:

Heart box patterns


Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Card stock or construction paper (this project works best with paper that is a bit heavier than regular paper)
  • Hot glue (you can try using other types of glue, but hot glue is definitely best for this)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Score tool or other tool to create a fold line (I used a Cricut Score Stylus)


This post originally appeared on my old blog, Pugdemonium.

Contains affiliate links.

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Mother’s Day Flower Card Tutorial

Here is my latest tutorial, on how to make this flower bouquet Mother’s Day card! This card is easy and great for all ages to make!


Below are the patterns for the card. Make sure to print these at full size (8 x 10):


Click to view & print file:

Mother’s Day Flower Card Pattern


Difficulty: Easy


  • card stock or construction paper
  • ribbon
  • glue gun or other type of glue
  • black acrylic paint or marker
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • toothpick or other tool to paint with


If you create this card, I’d love to see it! Tag me on instagram @essyjae 🙂

This post originally appeared on my old blog, Pugdemonium.


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Pop up Birthday Cake Card Tutorial

A new tutorial is up, showing how to create a pop-up birthday card! Here it is:


If you are here for the templates, here they are.
For most of these patterns you only need to trace and cut one. This excludes the candle pattern – you’ll need 4 of these – and the sign pattern – you’ll need 13 of those. I’ve written how many you’ll need of each on the pattern also.


Click on each file to view & print:


  • The patterns above
  • Cardstock, Scrapbook paper, art paper, construction paper – any paper that is a little heavier than printer paper should work
  • Tape
  • Glue (A glue stick or glue gun is best)
  • Sharpie or other marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
The simplest way to make this card would be to trace the cake and candle patterns onto white paper, then color them in. I used multiple papers to create the cake, candles, flames, etc. This is quite a bit more work, and you’ll need to add little tabs to everything so you can attach it all together.


Also, if you want to make this card a little sturdier and more permanent, add tabs to cake pattern #2 and glue everything on, instead of using tape.


If you create this card, and you’d like to share – tag me on instagram: @essyjae 🙂


This post originally appeared on my old blog, Pugdemonium
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Paper Birdhouse Tutorial

A new video just went up! It shows how to create a cute little paper birdhouse, which you can fill with candy and give to your mom for Mother’s Day!

You could also make these for other occasions, of course – I think they’d be great for Easter, too.

Click here to view & print the template:

Birdhouse Template


If you are going to be putting candy in the birdhouse, make sure to use paper that is strong enough to hold it. Card stock works very well for this.

If you make this and you’d like to share, tag me on instagram @essyjae 🙂

This post originally appeared on my old blog, Pugdemonium.

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Father’s Day Card – Shirt & Tie Tutorial

Just uploaded a new video – how to make a Shirt & Tie card for Father’s Day!

This card is inspired by a shirt tie and is a popular idea seen on Pinterest.



Here’s the template you’ll need to make it. Be sure to print this at full size (8×10):

Click here to view & print the file:



If you make this card and you’d like to share, tag me on instagram @essyjae 🙂

This post originally appeared on my old blog, Pugdemonium.

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