Round Loom Knit Scarf Tutorial – Knit, Purl & Slip Stitch

My Easy Loom Knit Hat Tutorial has been popular and several people have requested another loom knitting project, so today is the day! In this week’s tutorial, we’re knitting a scarf on a round loom!

If you’ve made my loom knit hat, then this scarf will likely be a breeze for you. The only new additions here are learning to go back the other direction and the slip stitches at each end of the row, which are easy once you get the hang of them.

Click the image below to watch the video tutorial:



Cast on 17 stitches.

The last stitch on each end will be a slip stitch, and won’t count toward the width of the scarf.

It helped me to write down the stitches and create a “key” like this:

X=slip stitch, K=e-wrap/knit, P=purl :

X K P K K P K K P K K P K K P K X   each letter representing a stitch, for a total of 17 stitches.

It may feel confusing to follow this pattern at first, but after a few rows, it’ll become easy.

Because the scarf does not stretch around something like a hat does, you will not be able to easily see the pattern you’ve stitched into it. Using this combination of stitches will, however, keep the scarf from curling up and creates a dense, warm scarf.


  • Yarn, I used this one
  • Round loom and hook tool, I used the green loom in this set
  • Scissors

Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

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