How to Upload An EssyJae SVG with Score Lines to Cricut Design Space

Use the table of contents below to choose the instructions for the version of Cricut’s Design Space software that you’ll be using.

I find the computer, also called desktop, version of Design Space to be the easiest to use for uploading my SVG files. If you have a choice between using a computer or mobile device with your Cricut, I highly recommend using the computer as the process is easier.

Table of Contents

Using Cricut's Desktop Design Space

Watch the video tutorial below, or keep scrolling for detailed written instructions for uploading to the desktop version of Design Space.

Step 1 - Uploading

  1. Un-zip the folder you downloaded.
  2. In Cricut Design Space, open up a new project.
  3. In Design Space, click “Upload” on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click “Upload Image”, then “Browse”.
  5. Locate the SVG file you want to use – it will likely have scored in the file name. Make sure the file you have chosen has .svg at the end.
  6. Once the image has been uploaded, click “Insert Images” on the bottom right.

Step 2 - Setting up the score lines

  1.  If there’s more than one pieces to cut, click any piece on the mat to ensure everything is selected, then click “UnGroup” on the upper right side of the screen. If there’s only one piece to cut, skip this step.
  2. Take a look at all the pieces to see which ones have score lines (score lines will appear as solid lines on top of a piece).
  3. On the mat, click a piece with score lines. This will highlight the layers grouped together within this piece on the layers panel on the right side of the screen.
  4. Each layer will have the word “cut” next to them. Click the top layer in this grouping – this is the layer with score lines.
  5. With that layer selected, go up to the left side of the screen where it says “Linetype”. Click the dropdown menu and choose “Score”.
  6. On the mat, click the piece again, then click “Attach” on the lower right side.

Repeat this process with each of the pieces with score lines.

All pieces without score lines are ready to go – they don’t need anything done to them.

Step 3 - Make it!

Click “Make It”.

You’ll be able to tell the file is set up correctly if the score lines are staying together with the pieces, and they are not being moved onto a separate mat. If they are being moved to separate mat, it means they still need to be attached to the piece they are meant to go on top of – see above step.


Using Cricut's iOS App

If you are using Cricut’s app for iOS on an iPhone or iPad, please follow the instructions below. As mentioned in this video, some of the buttons may be in slightly different places than shown on the iPad in this video. The main menu at the bottom of the screen can be swiped to the left to reveal more functions, such as layers.

If the project you’ve uploaded has only one piece, please skip the first step of ungrouping, and go straight to setting the score line layer to score.


Using Cricut's Android App


Questions? Feel free to comment below!

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mischalay jimenez

hello I did as follows per video and my score lines want to cut from clamp A, its not cutting all in clamp B but I have no other blade in clamp A


Hi, I purchased the 3d teapot, I did the ungrouping, the score and basic cut. On the lid knob I can score and do a basic cut. My purchase was on my other acct. please respond this email

Christon brooks

Hi I am I just purchased a cricut Joy will this work on it. I am very new to having a cricut so, what type of paper is used for this. Thanks in advance