Terms of Use

Patterns & Templates Terms of Use:

By downloading or printing any of the patterns on this website, you are agreeing that:

  • You will not sell the patterns, post or upload the patterns themselves on any other website (including your own), give them away, or claim them as your own design (altered or unaltered).
  • You will only use them for personal, non-profit making use unless you’ve gotten written permission from me.
  • You will not vectorize them or make them into SVG files to sell or share in any way.


Sharing Projects From this Website:

You may share any project on this website (and I appreciate it if you do! Thank you! ) as long as you:

  • Have a direct link back to my project and credit my website.
  • Do not post or upload the actual patterns – always link back to my project for others to find them.
  • Do not use more than one image from each post unless you’ve gotten permission from me to do so.
  • Do not claim the project as your own creation/design.
  • Do not post the complete tutorial or write out all the steps to the project, even when giving credit (which would leave users no reason to visit my website).


Use of Images On This Website:

  • Do not edit or alter the images on this website in any way, including cropping out or removing my watermark/text, or adding your own watermark or text.
  • If reposting an image, please credit and link back to my website or social media channels.


Use of Video On This Website:

  • Do not download or repost video files without written permission from me (for example: do not download any portion of a video and re-upload it to Facebook or YouTube)


Thank you so much for your interest in and support of my website! I so appreciate you taking the time to read and acknowledge these terms of use. Your support allows me to continue creating new content for this website!